by Shelly J. Miller

Last Thursday I decided to take the whole day off just to love and nurture myself.  This may not seem like a big deal, but the result was a massive inner shift that has put me in alignment with my own heart and my path not only in the world, but my path Home to inner peace that awaits us all within.  Loving myself was the key to all of it and I wish the same for all of you.  Here is what I know for sure.

A lot has been said about how important loving yourself is, but what does that mean, how do you do it, and why exactly is that true?  What wonderful things can you expect to happen in your reality when you love yourself first?

So many of us have believed or were taught to believe that loving ourselves is a selfish act.  The truth is though, if we don’t love ourselves we can’t truly love anyone else.  We often act out of guilt or out of the fear that we can’t have the relationships, the job or the life we want unless we struggle for it, and do lots of things we don’t really want to do just to get what we do want.  That is acting out of a belief system of fear and lack and will never bring us the happiness we seek.

The reason why this will never work is that when you’re worn out, guilty, angry or resentful or afraid, you are not a vibrational match for what you’re asking for. Your Higher Self or God Self knows what you’re asking for and where you are right now, and is always guiding you to what you want through the path of least resistance.  When you don’t love yourself enough to get still, slow down and listen to what your heart is telling you, and then take inspired action on what your heart knows or your Spirit is telling you through your intuition, you will continue to stay out of vibrational alignment with what you are wanting.

The solution?  Make your intention from now on to “Align with the Divine”.  Begin your day with God or the Universe who loves you to get out ahead of your day with a high vibration. Before you get out of bed and join the world, get into gratitude for all you do have and move into the best feeling you can find within yourself.  Make an affirmation that “Every day is a good day with God” and thank God in advance for all the miracles that will be placed upon your path today.  Feel how good it feels to know you are loved and guided. Agree to listen to your intuition and to take action to love yourself today. You will know what is loving by how you feel.  Pay attention to how you feel!

Let go of beating up on yourself forever.  Let go of shame, blame and guilt towards yourself and others. Let go of the past.  When you follow what feels loving to you, everybody wins.  There is no greater gift to another than for you to be in a state of happiness and peace. Your happiness is an inside job that will always be about you choosing to love yourself and honoring your intuition.  You will be guided when to rest, when to let go, when to forgive and when to take inspired action.  The result will be experiencing a higher vibration of feeling better, and you will be a match for more love to come to you in every way.

Allow God or the Universe to show you how.  Just do your part to tend your own garden with love, and the world will reflect back to you in kind with the right people, opportunities, resources and circumstances that you have been asking for.  The real key though, is to love yourself just because it feels good and you deserve it.  Loving yourself is your ticket to your happiness regardless of outer circumstances, and THAT is the true key to happiness.  When you “Align with the Divine”, your experience will fill with the feeling of love, for that is what God is and that is what you and all of us are.  Sometimes we just forget that.  So go ahead and get still and listen to your heart for what is the right thing for you.  Then release the reasoning mind and follow your intuition to the path that leads to all the love in the world that is waiting for you.

Before you sleep, recount with gratitude all the things you do have, what you learned today, what miracles and happy circumstances crossed your path.  Take no blame to bed with you for yourself or another.  Love yourself for doing the best you could do today and say “thank you” to God and the Universe that loves you. Really take the time to feel how good that feels, then relax into sleep knowing you are loved and worthy of a love filled tomorrow.

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