Why is Spiritual Growth Important?

By The Soulmanity Sisters – Ana Reina and Dr. Katana

Have you ever wondered why you are here on Earth? What you are doing? What does your life mean to you? All of these questions have been asked since the birth of mankind, yet do we ever really get direct answers to any of them?

If you are questioning, then you are slowly coming out of your deep sleep and awakening. You finally realize that there is more to life and you have this deep thirst of finding out what your life purpose or divine mission may be.

Without clarity and without truly knowing why and what you are doing, you will feel unfulfilled, even empty. As you become aware that you are a 3-part being – namely body, mind and your spirit, you start to realize that you need to try to balance all three.

Most of us have been so focused on the bodily and ego side of things, it’s time to embrace your spiritual side.

Your spirituality is much more than what you would like to accomplish in life. Embrace your spiritual side and learn to tune into the Divine! You can find Balance, Peace and Mindfulness.

You actually have ALL THE KEYS AND ANSWERS within you. And deep down inside, you know it, too! You just don’t remember how to access it. But the veil is lifting, we now all have the chance to develop our spiritual growth more rapidly.


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