The Profound Family Lineage Healing

By Susan Macknin, R.N.

Developed by German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger, Family and Systemic Constellations identifies and resolves current issues or negative patterns to give clients more peace and healing.

When there’s been a trauma, or someone in the family has been excluded, forgotten, cast out, or suffered a difficult fate, someone in a following generation will unconsciously and invariably step in and bring that person’s destiny back through living it out in this lifetime.

We know through genetics that all of our physical traits are carried in our DNA and inherited through the generations. Less understood is the science of Epigenetics, explaining that we also inherit our emotional traits. Pain and trauma can stay alive in a family for generations. We can unknowingly identify with previous family members’ emotional traits or fates, often repeating their destructive patterns and manifesting similar afflictions or unresolved issues.

These energetic forces entangle us in fates that date back over several generations and are the legacy of those unable to resolve them within their lifetimes. When this influence is acknowledged, emotional and physical suffering can be gently and compassionately transformed.

Any painful event touches every family member and continues to reverberate down to later generations. As a result, people often carry and reenact the original wounds of their ancestors.  This can show up in relationship issues, health issues, family dynamics or any negative pattern you may be experiencing in your life.

Through Family and Systemic Constellation work you can stop the negative patterns and issues.  It probes the family soul or conscience, brings those dynamics to light, and releases entanglements bringing long-term and often life changing resolution. Unlike traditional therapy, constellations get directly to the heart of the matter quickly.

A Constellation starts by building a living map of the client’s presenting issue.  In a workshop setting, other participants are called upon to represent the client’s family members or issue.  In a private session, the facilitator and the client will choose objects to represent the family members.  Regardless of how representatives are chosen, the results are very obvious and profound.  By having the client witness the dynamics as an outsider, the client sees the issue through a new lens and a new perspective.

Family and Systemic Constellations address current day issues at their source, in the family’s past. When issues linger and fail to respond to our best efforts to heal, they are likely linked to events and conditions from the past.

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