So What Does Clairvoyant Mean, Really?

by Dr. Eve SpiritSpeaks

How many times have you heard a word and wondered what it really meant? I’ve been asked often by my students about the term “clairvoyant”.

French in origin, it translates as follows: “Clair” is French for clear, and “voyant” means seeing.

For each of our physical senses, we also have its nonphysical “twin” sense. We can think of the nonphysical senses as energetic, as their live processing doesn’t depend on our physical anatomy. Working with someone more experienced in using our extra-ordinary senses really helps us step up our game in using our “clairs”.

A person who is clairvoyant is able to see something—e.g. a scene playing out on a large imagined movie screen, an object, a word–clearly with closed eyes. Or with open ones. We call what one is using to see this way the “third eye”. More on that one another time.

What is being sensed clairvoyantly may be from the past, the present, or the future, as one transcends time (and space) when sensing at this higher energy level versus the vibrational level used by physical eyes. Cool, huh?

Think you are not clairvoyant? Close your eyes. Envision your very own personal paradise, be it outdoors or indoors. Ta-Da! Clairvoyance is real. You already own it. First step to work on developing it is to believe in it.





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