RELATIONSHIPS – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

by Barry Tydings

New relationships will end on the hidden agenda not resolved from your previous relationship endings. The excitement of beginning a new relationship is that you can be whoever you want to be free from disclosing the real you and the emotionally painful ending from previous relationships. You can create any identity but can only hold on to that new fantasy personality for about 90 days when the real you starts to leak into your new relationship. Then the ending begins once again. But, that ending can take days, months or even years creating a lot of emotional pain.

But, the reward on hiding your true nature is lots of fun, SEX, and fantasy creating an identity you want the other person to believe you are. For Women, it is your belief the real you has no value other than as a sexual predator to capture the male. This is the role you control to prove you are better than the competition. Yes, this is normal behavior for women in our society. Men who are looking for a good satisfying time without the strings attached prefer this experience. But, if the woman is a great performer then they are considered a valued keeper.

Getting close with someone at the beginning of a relationship is based on whatever your belief at the moment is a Conceptual Reality. This only leads to the same ending as the previous relationship. Your circle continues. The more you practice this the more frustrated you become pushing you into give up and settle for where you are fearful of the circle ending, you are tired. Yes, you eventually give up to a mundane unsatisfied life of slavery. You rationalize that you don’t want to repeat this again because you don’t know how to change the outcome and you’re getting older looking for security or life being alone.

Getting to the root cause will change your outcome allowing you to find Unconditional Love within. Once you discover that your love of self is enough that vibration will attract a partner in the same vibration you are.

Let go of your FEAR, Anxiety, and Depression as these conditions are ILLUSIONS placed in your consciousness by hidden beliefs/agendas to hold you back from being loved.

I’ve been Mentoring this process all my life to people just like you in every profession and lifestyle on 4 continents. Teaching “Meeting the REAL you” is my passion. I have NEVER had a failure.

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