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ist1_7955141-human-hands-showing-unityFree    Videos include raw food recipes, channelings, previews of classes,  etc.

 ist1_7274585-questions-and-answers-signpost  General Classes – Wide array of different classes and seminars not in other categories


ist1_10660337-great-pyramid-of-giza-egypt[1]   Ancient Knowledge – Yugas, Cycles of the Ages, Sacred Geometry

 ist1_4535463-sun-cup    Consciousness     Higher self, spirit guide, channeling, energy, breathing

ist1_8168928-chakra-meditation  Meditation      Different classes from different teachers, chakras, energy, breathing

 ist1_11729276-close-up-of-a-womans-eye   Building Skills; Modalities      Astrology, tarot, yoga, life management, crystals, abundance

 serkey   Feng Shui and Vastu      Age-old science of organization and placement

 ist1_5697170-produce-background[1]   Spiritual Nutrition Taking care of the body by careful selection of food