Manifesting from Your Soul Code™

by  Rev Roz Esposito 

Who doesn’t want to manifest something great in their life? We want to manifest a relationship, a great job, health, wealth, happiness. But many of us, while doing all the right things – affirmations, meditations, visualizations, etc., still come up short. Why?

After my own trial and error over the years, I’ve found what I believe to be the key. This is not anything new, but it is something that we miss unless we delve deep and discover our Soul Code.

Your Soul Code is that which is indelibly etched in your soul before you ever incarnate into this body. It’s your purpose for taking on a body and coming back to play in this physical realm. It’s your reason for living. And once you connect with it, doors open and resistance melts. From this place, manifesting is almost automatic. So how do we connect with it?

There are several steps to getting there and the first is to write down the “themes” you observe over the course of your life – what has been important to you, what have you always been drawn to? As you’re writing, breathe and be willing to see what you see – even if it looks nothing like what you’re currently involved in. The themes in your life are clues about what your soul is seeking to express. Keep allowing these clues to bubble up. They are just the beginning on the road to connecting with your Soul Code!™ Stay tuned for more!

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