Leadership Team

The School of Multidimensional Healing is managed by Jerry and volunteers while being actively supported by an Advisory Council.  We believe that we are here working together in Oneness to help people remember the powerful beings that they are.  The school is also extensively supported by a hard-working contingent of volunteers listed on the Contact page of the website.  The Advisory Council members are as follows:

Janet Whitener         Teacher, Advisory Council Member

Janet is a gifted metaphysician with thirty five years of experience in sharing messages and information for those willing to ask the questions. Detailed, precise information is offered with a depth of humor only Spirit can bring. For Janet a near death experience at the age of twenty changed the direction of her life forever. Hear her story and meet those she calls her unseen, unconditionally loving friends and family. You will be welcome, you will be touched, you will be loved! Enjoy an opportunity to lovingly Interact with Spirit!

Rev. Roz Esposito     Teacher, Advisory Council Member

Rev Roz Esposito has defied western medicine by reversing an eyesight condition and continues to see unlimited possibilities for herself, her clients and the world. She is a Religious Science Minister, an NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, playwright, author, award-winning songwriter, stand-up comic and three-time marathon race-walker. Her original musical, Living Over the Rainbow, is currently being pitched to New York City producers.

Through her work with clients and her accomplishments, Roz exemplifies the principle that we can be or do anything we put our hearts and minds to. She is currently the Assistant Minister/Musical Director of The Oneness Center OC and is honored to serve on the Advisory Council for the The School of Multidimensional Healing. Roz is a New York escapee, living in Southern California with her spiritual teacher Cha Cha – a 7-pound four-legged, Yoda look-alike.

Carlos Casados, MHt, MNLP, MTD     Practitioner, Advisory Council Member

Carlos is an NLP expert & master hypnotist specializing in relationships, mental & physical health, strategic communication, & conflict resolution. He’s a dynamic & persuasive public speaker devoted to making a positive impact in the world.

Having studied with international experts for more than three decades, Carlos is highly qualified to help clients break free from stuck negative states and start growing towards positive actions to make important life changes.

Carlos has worked with world leaders, entrepreneurs, artists, educators, and hard-working parents. Carlos has worked with both large and small businesses as an executive results coach. He is also regularly invited as a keynote speaker for academic and corporate environments. Some of his clients have been GE Capital, Stanbridge College, G3 Soilworks and for members of the Thai government.

Jack Napoli    Consultant to the Advisory Council

Jack is a graduate of Clarkson University. He has more than 30 years business experience with small, medium and large companies having annual sales from $2 million to over $4 billion.

He has held operating and executive positions with North American Phillips, Quaker Oats, Jason Pharmaceuticals, and Mission Foods where he had responsibility for a $358 million business with more than 1,500 employees in 5 locations throughout the Western US.

Additionally, he has 5 years experience as a CEO/Owner, including Pacific Charters, a sailing school and yacht charter company in operation in Long Beach, CA since 1985.

Jack has coached and facilitated the professional development of CEO’s, Presidents and key executives as the Chair of 3 advisory groups in the Vistage organization (formerly TEC) for 10 years. He is currently a Consultant and Executive Coach to business owners and executives, specializing in leadership development and strategic planning.

In addition, Jack donates his time and business experience to non-profit organizations. Currently, he is on the board of directors of the Council On Aging, OC (3+ years), including as a member of the Executive Committee and Strategic Planning Committee.

His accomplishments include specialties with turnarounds, supply chain, operations, continuous improvement, strategic planning, and developing high performing individuals and teams.

Bruce Dickson, MA, MSS     Teacher, Advisory Council Member

Bruce did his doctorate thesis work in Holistic Brain Balance (7 booklets). Balance on All Levels PACME+Soul (450 pg book), Best Practices in Energy Medicine (22 books-eBooks) all at Amazon-Kindle.

In 2008 Bruce initiated, and with Camille Leon, co-founded the first chapter of a hundred or so Holistic Chambers of Commerce chapter in West Los Angeles.

Before 2001 he spent ten years working on starting new Waldorf private and charter schools. Before that he lived in intentional communities.

For groups, Bruce has composed and delivered 60 fun, social, interactive live events. With individuals, he assists by phone/Skype/in person to clear, underlying mental-emotional issues causing-driving health and success concerns. A third generation intuitive, he’s trained in Touch for Health, NLP, Waldorf, NVC, USM and MSIA MSS-DSS. He’s seen clients professionally since 2001. He is part of a network of professional Energy Detectives.

Rev. Danielle Marie Hewitt     Teacher, Advisory Council Member

Rev. Danielle is the Founder and Visionary Leader of the Temple of Light Spiritual Community. Her tireless efforts to provide a place of learning, growth, fellowship, and community are reflected in the programs and projects created. The Temple of Light is now a modern “Global and Mobile” community reaching worldwide communities and no longer operates with one physical address.

Rev. Danielle founded the Temple of Light in 2007; created the Academy of Light, school for Holistic Healing Arts Seekers and Professionals; is the publisher of Radiance Magazine, a periodical for Social Consciousness and has a Private Practice of Mentorship for emerging souls seeking guide on their path of growth.

Rev. Danielle’s life path and passion is to see Holistic Healers and Seekers find their personal power, step into their life path and see for themselves the enlightened being that they truly are. Moving them through their human experience into one of empowerment and watching the ripple effect in our world is her greatest joy. She is an Ordained Minister, ThetaHealing™ Master, Angel Therapy Practitioner®, Reiki Practitioner, Aroma Therapy and Crystal Consultant, Medium, Animal Communicator and Channel of Angels and the Ascended Masters.

“I help holistic healers step into their power and create a thriving life and practice.” Rev. Danielle

Roz Biles   Advisory Council Member

Experienced marketing and business development professional with a track record for accelerating sales and taking a company to the next level. Business development, sales and marketing professional will help grow, start, or expand a business. Start Ups – New Markets — Established companies seeking next level sales or growth including capital.

Expertise and experience working from over 150 company clients with process driven approach for Private Equity. Ability to achieve near term goals. Develop long term sustainable new level of business. Ready, willing and able to plug into sole proprietor, small, medium and/or the right large company.

25 Years experience in all facets of the real estate industry with development experience for MLS / IDX / VOW applications and real estate web technology, imaging, and next generation Unified Communications for collaborative real estate services. 10+ years as REALTOR Broker licensed in over 10 states. Pathfinder for selling technology driven, solution based value proposition to any level in the real estate industry. Individual REALTORS® – Managing Brokers – Franchise Level – Senior Management for large industry stakeholders.

Jerry Woods       Founder, Director, Owner

Jerry founded SMHAS in 2010 with the goal of bringing an organized consciousness education to the community for spiritual, metaphysical and quantum physics studies, both in the campus setting and also available worldwide via online video classes. Jerry was moved to finance and participate in this endeavor due to healing experiences experiended in mediumship sessions connecting with his father, grandmother and others who had passed. That spurred his interest to further his earlier research in metaphysics, quantum physics and the nature of existence.  Underlying themes to all classes offered at SMHAS are  that you are more powerful than you have ever believed, if you are willing to change and drop your limiting beliefs you can heal yourself, you determine your future reality, and that we are all connected to everyone and everything else in the universe.

Jerry is a certified Theta Healer, channel, Reiki Master, and hypnotherapist.

Jerry had a previous career as an entrepreneur, being CEO of two voice-to-text computer software and services companies he founded.  He grew and merged the last one with a public company in 2006.  He received a US Patent for a realtime voice-to-text computer hardware and software application.  Previously he was President and Vice President of sofware design and marketing companies that brought new integrated circuit design software to market. He gained experience in education as President and Chairman of a private, post secondary college with over 1,000 students in the legal services area. Earlier, Jerry held positions at Xerox, Control Data, and United Telecommunications. He attended Tennessee Tech, RIT, USMC Computer Science School and served three years in the US Marine Corps.

In his retirement Jerry has provided the financial support and the website technical design and support for the school as a contribution to the community.  His goal has been to make consciousness, spirituality, quantum physics and related classes and workshops available to all who seek this information.  He strongly believes science is beginning to validate spirituality and higher consciousness, making it easier for even the most skeptical to open their minds and heal themselves.  Some leading speakers who explain this clearly today, sometimes from a scientific perspective, are Dr. Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Tom Campbell, and Dr. Rupert Sheldrake.