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5 Steps to Awakening the Goddess Within – Step 1 – Sacred Yoni Awakening

February 17 @ 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

with Amyris Wilson     here from Costa Rica

Feb 17     2-5 pm       $99

5 Steps to Awakening The Goddess Within – Step 1, Sacred Yoni Awakening with Amyris . Bring a blanket to lie on.

This is an energetic activation that is felt physically throughout the entire body. In many ancient spiritual paths the yoni has been revered as a gateway to the divine. In modern times we have been taught to be ashamed of it, or just plain numb to it or out of touch with its beauty. On a very practical level, awakening this energy can help a woman feel more centered and grounded. It can help balance hormones affecting our entire endocrine system as well as bring more clarity and focus to the mind. It can help calm painful menstrual cycles and ease menopausal symptoms. And it is truly an enjoyable experience that feels good.

5 Steps to Awakening the Goddess Within is a journey of love, one that will take you into your heart and into your feminine nature. It will bring to the surface the love and wisdom that resides deep within every woman. It will increase or reconnect you to your sexual energy and your sensuality and connect both of these with your heart. When our sexual energy is connected with our heart, unconditional love, ecstatic aliveness, and calm confidence are the gifts that arise. Awakening the Goddess Within is for women of all ages.

The purpose of this series is for you to permanently awaken this energy within you so you become a vessel for THE Goddess yourself. Other names for THE Goddess are Shakti, Divine Mother, Mother God, The Divine Feminine. If you would like to read more about the whole series visit may site www.amyriswilson.com or email me at amyris@amyriswilson.com with any questions.


About Amyris

Amyris has been a Spiritual Healer and Guide for over 13 years, channeling the information, energy, and love to assist people in freeing themselves from the past and embracing their highest state of being, their authentic nature. Many people claim a feeling of deep inner peace after a session while also gaining a broader perspective on their life and a deeper connection to divine wisdom and joy within themselves.

“I have done over a dozen sessions with Amyris. As a result, I feel more grounded and am able to take action that I wouldn’t take before. I love myself more and am more confident. I sleep better, eat better, and my Kundalini energy has begun to rise.In one session, I was able to truly forgive myself, and others in my life. I felt great after that, and miracles began to happen in my relationships.I am so happy with my sessions. Thank you so much, Amyris, for all the work you provide.”
Anna S

Awakening the Goddess Within Workshop


February 17
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm