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Learning to Hear Messages from Your Body

January 13 @ 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

with Abbi O’neil     Saturday, January 13     1 – 3 pm       $25

What is your body trying to tell you? Are your aches and pains and chronic illnesses tied to your emotions? If so, how can you read them? And even more important, how can you heal them? Join Abbi Lake O’Neill for energy healing and guided meditation to understand the connection between your body and your deepest feelings, and learn an easy method to release the resistance that may make your body sick.

Learn energy healing and guided meditation to understand the connection between your body and your deepest feelings, and learn an easy method to release the resistances which can make your body sick.

They can affect the amount of money you earn and the relationships you have.  They can make you repeat and repeat the same problems.  Why?  Because they are on an unconscious switch located in your chakras, the energy centers of your body, and they may not respond to rational thought or traditional therapy.

Do you have something in your life that refuses to change? Despite all your best, conscious efforts, the same pattern seems to come up time after time?

“We will be doing exercises in meditation to feel the chi, or life force energy in our body, to increase it, and to direct it. As we learn to direct our chi energy, we can heal our physical body, we can increase our physical energy and clarity, and also heal deep-set emotional patterns left over from our childhood. It is an enormously effective tool, yet very easy to learn.”


Abbi Lake O’Neill was born on a farm in Indiana that was organic and completely self-supporting.  She grew up in the Quaker church.

After getting a degree at Columbia University and living and traveling in Europe, she came to Los Angeles for a career in film.

But when her mother was dying of ovarian cancer, she had a break-through experience and began channeling.

Her yoga practice helped her see energetic blocks in the physical body, and she began doing channeled readings specifically oriented to dissolving chakral blocks.

Abbi has now done over 8000 readings as an intuitive.  Her energy work dissolves emotional blocks which have been created from trauma and negative experiences, in the present life or even in a past life.  Her work is designed to restore the flow of energy in the chakras to heal illness, chronic physical conditions, and even behavioral patterns or problems.

Her clients have included those suffering from cancer, addiction, mental illness, chronic fatigue and obesity. This work has a profound healing effect on the physical body and clients have reported rapid shifts in their physical problems and unexpected reversal of symptoms.  She is not a healer, but simply redirects a person’s energy so that they heal themselves.

Healing of the chakras facilitates changes in long-held dysfunctional patterns in areas as diverse as finances, career success and relationships.

Abbi now teaches this technique. Students from around the world are now able to heal themselves, and are now becoming certified practitioners as well.  Abbi began teaching a prosperity class when she realized that her energy work accelerated income and material prosperity. Her practice of energy healing is known as NOVA Lightwork, and to read more about it, go to NOVAlightwork.com, or the Facebook page NOVA Lightwork.

A new part of NOVA Lightwork is using the energy to heal the land. Abbi leads groups to places as varied as Ireland, Kauai, British Columbia and Sedona to reconnect with the land and to initiate a deep emotional healing through grounding and channeling.


January 13
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm