Vaishali – You Are What You Love (5 video sections)

You Are What You Love – The Complete 5 Part Series    $100.00

Description of the five-part series.  Each section can be purchased individually

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Class 1 ~ Vaishali shares about her life struggles and challenges as well as  lays the ground work for how to grow beyond any limitation. Vaishali also introduces you to her favorite mystic Emanuel Swedenborg, a man Stanford voted the most brilliant person to have ever lived.

Class 2 ~ Explores right relationship with the physical body. Vaishali shares timeless wisdom from Eastern Indian Ayurveda, Tibetan Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine about why you have a body, how it excellerates your spiritual growth, and how the body digests emotions, thoughts and experiences. Vaishali also gives tips on a rare esoteric Taoist method of internal organ massage.

Class 3 ~ Vaishali, talks about emotions from an Eastern psychological perspective. Vaishali explains why emotions are a greater form of wisdom than what you think, how to balance these powerful forms of intelligence and create a relationship with emotions where they function as the self-corrective guidance system they are designed to be. In.

Class 4 ~ Your spirituality.  Have you wondered about heaven and hell, your life purpose, or about your personal spirituality?  Get the surprising answers in this class.

Final Class 5 ~ Covers integration of mind, body and spirit, as well as reviewing and pulling together all the highlights from Classes 1-4. This class re-defines forgiveness as a empowering form of wisdom and provides the blueprint for how to create a successful human experience.